How to get your WhatsApp Business API account verified

In order to get access to the WhatsApp Business API, you need to pass verification in Facebook Business Manager. Verification is the process of confirming a number of Important requirements for Facebook. For example, compliance with the principles of Facebook's policy, confirmation of the address, organization name and number. Presumably, from September 2021, the need for business confirmation (verification) for access to the WhatsApp Business API will be canceled or simplified, but we suspect that verification will remain an integral element for providing broader functionality to the WhatsApp Business API, as well as for the status of the official Business Account, thanks to which a green check mark appears in the WhatsApp profile.
We were right in our assumptions and since September 2021, the process of obtaining a WhatsApp Business API number has really been simplified. Pay attention to the registration of a number with deferred verification, with which you can connect a WABA number in just 5 minutes. At the same time, the possibilities of the WABA number will be temporarily limited until you pass the business verification. But even with restrictions, you will be able to send and receive messages in the WhatsApp Business API. Subscribe to our informational Telegram support channel: This way you will be able to follow and be the first to know about the latest changes to the WhatsApp Business API.
Let's consider the verification process step by step Stage 1. Registration in Facebook Business Manager. To get started, register on the Facebook Business Manager website . If you are already registered, then just select your company and go to stage 2, if not, then create an account. To create a Business Manager account, you will need a Facebook profile. 1-Open the page; 2-Click create an account; 3-Enter the company name, your name and work email address, and then click "next"; 4-Add information about your company and click "submit". Enter the truthful information that you will be able to confirm in the future. Facebook is very sensitive about the reliability of data and can block your account if it notices something suspicious. Stage 2. Verification in Facebook Business Manager
First of all, you need to fill out the form in the "Company Information" section via the "Edit" button. Specify the data that you will be able to confirm and legally justify in the future.
Next, we pay attention to the status of the company. If the status is "Not confirmed", then go to the "Security Center" section by clicking "learn more" or via the control panel.
Company Confirmation
In the "Security Center», pay attention to the item "Business Verification Status". If the button is active for you, click on it and proceed to uploading the authentication documents. If not, follow the instructions below.
According to Facebook policy, not all companies are required to be verified, so in some cases the "Start verification" button will be inactive. To activate it, a company must claim access to certain products and features.
Attention! At the moment, the way to unlock the capabilities of the "Security Center" through the creation of an application is not available, this is due to the fact that FB is constantly changing the approach to work and the infrastructure of its services, which is why we will delay deleting this block of information. To unlock the company's "Confirmation" status, you need to create a WhatsApp Account. It is possible to do this with the help of registration with deferred verification. After creating a WhatsApp Account, you will be able to continue further confirmation of the company and uploading documents. Go to the item - "Upload of identification documents".
To do so:
1. Open a new window in your browser and paste into the address bar: In this page will create a new application. Do not close the previous window.
2. On the right side of the screen, tap "Login".
3. Enter your Facebook username and password in the form.
4. Click the "Get Started" button in the upper right corner and create a Facebook Developers account.
5. Fill in your information.
6. Instead of the "Getting Started" section, the "My Applications" section will appear.
7. Click on My Apps and you will automatically be taken to the Facebook for Developers area.
8. Click on the "Create app" button.
9. Select the Business Integration Management option.
10. Fill out the form and click Continue.
11. Go through the security check.
12. Add the "Login via Facebook" application. To do this, click on "Set Up".
13. Select "Web" as the application platform.
14. You can skip the following steps that Facebook suggests. Go to the "Dashboard" tab on the left side of the screen. You do not need to do anything else.
After that, the "Start Confirmation" button will be active.
Upload of identification documents
Facebook verifies the legal validity of the company. It is not always required, but for connecting WhatsApp business API is a must. What will Facebook check and what documents will be required?
1 - Official company name.
You need to show that your company name in Facebook Business Manager and the official company name are valid, the following documents are applicable, which you will need to upload to the opened window.
What fits:
Articles of incorporation, certificates of incorporation, tax statements, bank statements.
What doesn't fit:
Invoices, purchase orders, website screenshot, other internal materials such as company flyers, letterhead, etc.
It is important that it be an official document, and that it not be issued by you or your company, but by another (preferably governmental) party.
2 - Address and phone number in your profile.
What fits:
Utility bills, such as phone or electric bills, bank statements, registration certificates from any level of government, such as real estate registration, you can request an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
What doesn't fit:
Accounts drawn up by you or your company, a screenshot of a website, contracts with counterparties not government level.
Then choose one way to contact you: call or email. Facebook responds faster by email. To speed up the process even more, use domain email. To do this, confirm your company's domain. You will receive a confirmation code, enter it and your application will be accepted.
Within a few days you should receive a positive confirmation status for your company.