WhatsApp Broadcast

You can use YesHello to create a WhatsApp broadcast and segment your customers. This is a great way to engage with your customers and keep them updated on your products.
YesHello is a simple and powerful tool that lets you create and manage WhatsApp broadcasts. You can add customers to your WhatsApp broadcast lists, and segment them based on interests, location, or other factors. This lets you send targeted messages to your customers, and helps you keep them engaged with your brand.

WhatsApp Broadcast Use Cases

WhatsApp Broadcast Option

Two-way WhatsApp Broadcasting: Official WhatsApp API and Unofficial WhatsApp API Broadcast

This is a more hands-on option, where we provide you with a system and training so that you can manage your own WhatsApp broadcasts.

One-way WhatsApp Broadcasting: Regular WhatsApp

This means that we create and manage your WhatsApp broadcasts on our system, with your content and contacts. This is an ideal option for companies and individuals who want to use WhatsApp to stay in touch with their audience but don’t want to manage their own WhatsApp channels.
Here’s a detailed comparison of each WhatsApp Broadcasting option:

1. Official WhatsApp API Broadcast

With the Official WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Cloud API Broadcast, you can safely and efficiently send messages to an unlimited number of contacts without the risk of getting banned, and of course, with a price. You can also customize your message with your brand logo, name, and call to action button (Interactive & Multimedia Messages feature from Official WhatsApp API). All of these features are available with the Official WhatsApp API only. And you need to have the YesHello platform to use the Official WhatsApp API Broadcast.

2. Unofficial WhatsApp API Broadcast

With the Unofficial WhatsApp API Broadcast, you can do unlimited broadcasts without extra cost, but the consequence is your number is at high risk of getting banned by META. There’s no Interactive & Multimedia Messages feature with Unofficial WhatsApp API, only numbers and links. This is a low-cost option for WhatsApp Broadcasting with your Company number and name. And you need to have the YesHello platform to use the Unofficial WhatsApp API Broadcast.

3. WhatsApp Regular Broadcast

Unlimited messages and low-cost option for your WhatsApp Broadcast. With Regular WhatsApp Broadcasts the sender number is all in Malaysia (+60) and the broadcast is with local random numbers. We will not use your mobile number with this option because it may cause your number to get banned. You don’t need the YesHello platform with this option.
Official WhatsApp API Broadcast
Unofficial WhatsApp API Broadcast
WhatsApp Regular Broadcast
No risk of getting banned
High risk of getting banned
No risk of getting banned
Your own WhatsApp number
Your own WhatsApp number
Random Malaysia number
Your Brand Name
Your Brand Name
No Brand Name
Customize Picture Profile
Customize Picture Profile
No Customize Picture Profile
Call to action button
No button, only link
No button, only link
Interactive & Multimedia Messages
Regular Multimedia Messages
Regular Multi media Messages
Start from RM0.20c per message
USD39/mo for unlimited messages
Start from RM0.10c per message